III International Conference
Computer Technology in Russia
and in the Former Soviet Union
Kazan, October 13 - 17, 2014

SORUCOM Proceedings and Books on the History of Informatics

SORUCOM-2006: Development of Computing in Russia and the former USSR: History and Prospects
Proceedings of the First IFIP WG 9.7 International Conference, SoRuCom-2006 (July, 3-7 2006). Petrozavodsk, 2006. Part I. 161 p. Part II. 192 p.
First IFIP WG 9.7 Conference, SoRuCom 2006, Petrozavodsk, Russia, July 3-7, 2006. Eds. J. Impagliazzo, E. Proydacov. Revised Selected Papers: Springerger. ISBN 10:3642228151. 2011. 294 p.
12-16 September, Veliky Novgorod, Russia. Ed. by Dr. A. Tomilin. Veliky Novgorod, 2011. 364 p.
The History of Informatics in Siberia
PSI’09 Workshop Proceedings. Novosibirsk, June, 15 2009. Ed. by Dr. V. Kasianov. Novosibirsk, 2009. 148 p.
S.A. Lebedev – а creator of domestic computers
Devoted to the 100th anniversary. Lebedev Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Engineering Russian Academy of Science (IPMCE RAS). Moscow, 2002. 188 p.
A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems Russian Academy of Sciences. Ed. I. Krayneva. Novosibirsk, 2009. 88 p.
Andrey Petrovich Ershov
Bio-bibliography. Novosibirsk, 2011. 122 p.
Ed. Yi. Shokin. Novosibirsk, 2011. 587 p.
V. Dolgov. Kitov Anatoly Ivanovich
Ed. K. Kurbakov. Moscow, 2010. 336p.
Cybernetics and Informatics
Volume devoted to 50th anniversary of the Cybernetics section, Gorky Dom Uchenykh, Russian Academy of Sciences. St. Petersburg, 2006. 409p.
Issues of Cultural Heritage in Engineering
Ed. G. Grigoryan. Vol. 5. Moscow, 2007. 464p.
Andrei Ershov – a Scholar and a Person
Ed. A. Marchuk. Novosibirsk, 2006. 504 p.